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A collection of pen and ink, graphite, coloured pencil and charcoal drawings

Mother and Child 3.jpg
Mother and chhild - giraffe 001.jpg

And a few acrylics...



And messing about with oils... always a lot of fun!

3. Angry Planet - 73 x 70cm.jpg
2. Flying at last - 63 x 61cm.jpg
1. Meditation - 80 x 65cm.jpg
Catch of the day - 35 x 45cm
Washday Blues - 50 x 60cm.jpg
You dropped something - 35 x 45cm.jpg
Washday - 35 x 45cm.jpg
End of Day - 40 x 50cm.jpg

Pastels - and we all know how messy they can be!

And finally, some watercolours - probably the most difficult medium to work with!

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